slotsgardennodepositbonuscodes2022| New Ziguang Group accelerates its scientific and technological expansion and deeply integrates into the global ecology

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On May 14, Ziguang unveiled the largest scale in the Middle East.Slotsgardennodepositbonuscodes2022Smart card identification and payment exhibition Seamless Middle East 2024 (Dubai smart card payment and retail exhibition), featuring high-level security certifications such as Guoman, UnionPay, EMVCo and CC EAL6+Slotsgardennodepositbonuscodes2022Our highly secure financial payment products, trusted identification products and the latest eSIM one-stop solution have been commercially available all over the world and have been highly recognized.

Barcelona, Paris, Indonesia, DubaiSlotsgardennodepositbonuscodes2022.Slotsgardennodepositbonuscodes2022. In the past two years, we can often see the active figure of the enterprises under the New Ziguang Group in the important industry exhibitions around the world.

Global layout accelerates the expansion of overseas markets

In 2021, the Ministry of Commerce and other three departments jointly issued the guidelines on Foreign Investment Cooperation in the Digital economy to promote foreign investment cooperation in the digital economy, and it has become the consensus and only way for Chinese enterprises to go abroad and internationalize.

As a globally competitive intelligent technology industry group, New Ziguang Group has a profound global gene and has many international enterprises, including Xinhua 3, the leading HPE company formed by the merger of the former Huasan Communications and Hewlett-Packard ICT business in China, and the smart card microconnector giant Linxens, which has a global market share of more than 70%. New Ziguang Group has tens of thousands of employees worldwide, has branches in more than 60 countries and regions, and its products and services cover more than 100 countries and regions.

New Ziguang Group attaches great importance to internationalization, specially sets up an international cooperation and development center, studies and analyzes the international situation of advanced semiconductors, formulates international development strategies, participates in and carries out international business, technical and strategic cooperation activities, promotes internationalization-related work, and frequently interacts, communicates and cooperates with global technology giants.

Under the strategic guidance of the New Ziguang Group, its enterprises have set sail to go to sea, making great efforts in overseas markets and expanding their overseas destinations. From the traditional mature markets in Europe and the United States, to neighboring Southeast Asia, to the emerging Latin America, South America, Africa and the Middle East, we have spread all over the world. Europe and the United States remain one of the main destinations, but emerging markets such as Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America are becoming important targets.

At present, Ziguang Zhanrui has completed technical tests for more than 270 operators in 140 countries and regions around the world, shipping customers of more than 500 brands around the world, serving billions of consumers around the world, and shipping to Southeast Asia, Latin America, Europe and so on on a 5G scale. and further into the world. Ziguang Tongxin with more than 20 years of strong R & D technology, intelligent security chip product technology is in the world's leading level, business in Asia, Europe, America, Africa more than 20 countries and regions. Xinhua III has made breakthroughs and successfully delivered projects in more than 70 countries, including Malaysia, Japan, Spain and Mexico, and successfully expanded new markets such as the United Arab Emirates, Vietnam and Mongolia.

Lead the "science and technology out to sea" into the global ecology

In the past, the remarkable characteristic of Chinese enterprises going out to sea is to adopt the strategy of price competition and the low technical content of the products. In recent years, with the steady progress of the high-quality development of China's economy, the sea going of Chinese enterprises has gradually become the "science and technology going out to sea" of advanced technology and innovative products.

slotsgardennodepositbonuscodes2022| New Ziguang Group accelerates its scientific and technological expansion and deeply integrates into the global ecology

As a leader in intelligent science and technology, New Ziguang Group, with advanced technology and strong innovation ability, has gradually moved from "going out" to "going up", extending its competitive advantage to the high end of the industrial chain, shaping and extending the value chain of the global industrial chain. deeply integrated into the new ecology of the global digital economy, the realization of science and technology out to sea.

At the ASEAN Summit Digital Transformation Forum in 2023, Li Bin, chairman of New Ziguang Group, made it clear that he would use China's digital economy experience to participate in ASEAN's digital transformation. and revealed the development plan to deepen investment in ASEAN, especially Indonesia, establish regional headquarters and R & D centers, and strengthen cooperation with local enterprises.

Among the new Ziguang companies, Ziguang unveiled the industry's first V620 chip platform that fully supports 5G R16 broadband Internet of things at MWC in Barcelona, Spain, and Ziguang Tongxin unveiled the world's first customized eSIM solution for intelligent POS at the smart card, payment, intelligent identification and digital security exhibition TRUSTECH in Paris, France. Xinhua three provides a full-stack high-speed rail cloud platform solution for Yawan high-speed railway, including network, security, server, storage and so on.

From Dubai in the Middle East to Paris in Europe, from Indonesia in Southeast Asia to Barcelona at the forefront of science and technology, New Purple Light Group's products and services are highly recognized by the international market.

The way for Chinese enterprises to go to sea is full of great challenges in many aspects, such as product, market and cultural differences, which is a comprehensive test of comprehensive strength, and it is also the only way for New Ziguang Group to grow into a global leader in intelligent technology industry. It is through continuous technological innovation and active international market expansion that technology giants such as Apple, Samsung and Microsoft have developed into leaders in the global technology industry. Looking to the future, New Ziguang Group will grasp the latest development trend of the global industry with a more open attitude and innovative spirit, actively integrate into the global industrial value chain, and open a new chapter in the development of globalization.

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