freespincasinonodepositbonuscodes2021| Domestic economic data is weak, aluminum market breaks through Federal Reserve interest rate cut expectations and rises

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Domestic economic data in April were weak, investment slowed and industrial production was strong.Freespincasinonodepositbonuscodes2021The US CPI in April is moderate, and the market expects the Fed to cut interest rates. The aluminum market broke through the concussion range this week, and Shanghai Aluminum rose driven by capital sentiment. Alumina market is high and strong, so it is recommended to wait and see in the short term. Risk hint: overseas economic slowdown, rising demand concerns and falling commodity prices.

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[domestic economic indicators show that domestic demand is weak and industrial production remains dynamic]

Released by the China Bureau of StatisticsFreespincasinonodepositbonuscodes2021The latest economic data reveal the fragility of domestic demand, a slowdown in the pace of investment and a further downturn in the real estate market. In spite of this, industrial production still shows a strong growth momentum.

In April, the added value of industries above scale reached a year-on-year growth rate of 6. 6%.Freespincasinonodepositbonuscodes2021.7%, compared with 4% last monthFreespincasinonodepositbonuscodes2021There has been a marked improvement in .5%. This growth is mainly driven by the pulling effect of external demand.

[consumer spending growth slows and investment in real estate development continues to decline]

In terms of consumer spending, retail sales of consumer goods rose 2.3 per cent in April from a year earlier, down from 3.1 per cent in March. Consumption in the durable goods and real estate markets is particularly sluggish.

Year-on-year growth in fixed asset investment fell to 4.2 per cent from January to April, down from 4.5 per cent in the first quarter. Investment in real estate development fell 9.8% from a year earlier, down from 9.5% in the first quarter.

freespincasinonodepositbonuscodes2021| Domestic economic data is weak, aluminum market breaks through Federal Reserve interest rate cut expectations and rises

[us inflation figures are in line with expectations, and the market reacts enthusiastically to interest rate cuts]

According to data released by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics on May 15th, US CPI grew 3.4 per cent year-on-year in April 2024, while core CPI grew 3.6 per cent year-on-year, both in line with market expectations.

Sentiment was boosted by the mild performance of the data, which sparked speculation that the Fed might cut interest rates. However, several Fed officials said they would like to see more evidence of a slowdown in inflation.

[aluminum City broke through the range this week, capital sentiment is high, it is recommended to follow more in the short term]

This week, aluminum prices experienced a significant breakthrough, Friday night prices once exceeded the 21000 yuan / ton mark. The strong rise in aluminum prices is mainly driven by capital sentiment, although the impact on the market is relatively modest.

The decline in US inflation data and the strengthening of domestic real estate policies provide a background for the overall rise in the industrial product market. In the spot market, the rebound in aluminum prices and the increase in high shipments have led to the expansion of the discount.

[alumina market is restricted by ore end supply and remains strong]

For the alumina market, ore supply restrictions have delayed the recovery of alumina production capacity. At present, capital sentiment is still strong, and alumina prices are expected to remain high.

From a fundamental point of view, with the gradual recovery of ore-end and alumina production capacity, supply is expected to become more relaxed in the future.

[risk hint: overseas economic slowdown may affect commodity prices]

A slowdown in overseas economies could lead to a rise in demand concerns, which could have a negative impact on commodity prices.


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