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livesupersicbo| Xue Xiuyuan, Secretary of the Board of Directors of Eighty-Hundred Million Space and Space: Embracing Supervision and Embracing Investors

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livesupersicbo| Xue Xiuyuan, Secretary of the Board of Directors of Eighty-Hundred Million Space and Space: Embracing Supervision and Embracing Investors

"Listed companies are doing a good job in high-quality developmentlivesupersicboOn the basis of, we must embrace supervision and investors at the same time to provide investors with a fair, transparent, stable and dynamic investment environment and help investors achieve better investment returns." On May 15, at the first event of the 6th "May 19 Small and Medium-sized Investor Protection Publicity Week" co-sponsored by Securities Daily and China Securities Small and Medium-sized Investor Service Center, Xue Xiuyuan, Secretary of the Board of Directors of Eighty-million-dollar Space, said this.

Xue Xiuyuan, Secretary of the Board of Directors. photographylivesupersicbo: Qian Baixi

In daily work, 800 million Shikong continuously strengthens the quality of information disclosure, ensures timely and fair information disclosure, and ensures the authenticity, accuracy and completeness of the disclosure content. Through daily communication meetings and performance explanation meetings, issues of concern and concern to investors form an "information base". At the same time, various new media means such as WeChat platform and data visualization are used to improve the comprehensiveness and comprehensibility of information disclosure.

In terms of investor returns, since the company's listing, dividends have been accumulated through stable cash dividends, timely share buybacks and conversion of capital reserves into share capital.livesupersicbo.77 billion yuan, of which 4 shares will be transferred to all shareholders for every 10 shares in 2022, actively improving the level of investor returns. The company completed the repurchase in 2023 and has actually repurchased 1451685 shares of the company, with a total amount of funds paid 5,999livesupersicbo.490,000 yuan.

It is worth mentioning that in March 2024, Beijing Service New Shougang Equity Venture Capital Enterprise (Limited Partnership), the former second largest shareholder of 800 million yuan Shikong, adopted the physical distribution method of shares during the liquidation and distribution process, becoming the first time since the pilot policy was launched by the China Securities Regulatory Commission. Since then, a private equity fund has been approved in Beijing City, and it is also the first time for a Beijing-listed company to be a distribution target. This measure effectively avoids stock price fluctuations caused by private equity funds 'large reduction of shares in the secondary market in the short and medium term based on exit pressure. While maintaining the stable and healthy development of the company, it also improves the return on investment of fund partners.

"The company adheres to the principles of 'standardization, initiative, continuity, and two-way' and cooperates with high-quality information disclosure and effective investor relations management to further smooth the two-way interaction channels between company information and external information, striving to better serve investors and protect investors. The legitimate rights and interests of investors and establish the company's good value brand in the capital market." Xue Xiuyuan said.

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